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Bringing Reliable Satellite Internet to Your Business

KatloTech is your reliable ally for smooth Starlink installations. We guarantee that your commercial property will enjoy the finest satellite internet experience, customized for your unique requirements. Discover our service packages and extra equipment choices aimed at ensuring your optimal connectivity.


Starlink Installs

Why Choose KatloTech?

Experience the future of internet connectivity with KatloTech’s Starlink Installation Service. Contact us today to get started!

Expert Installation

Our skilled technicians ensure a smooth and professional installation

Comprehensive Support

From initial setup to follow-up visits, we provide full support to keep you connected.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your home and ensure optimal performance

IT Networking

IT networking is crucial for the growth and success of your business. It provides opportunities to connect with other professionals, learn from peers, and collaborate with clients and customers. Let KatloTech Communications (KTC) help you unlock your full potential.


Wireless Networking

When deploying your wireless network, it is essential to determine the number of clients, the type of traffic on your network, and the amount of throughput you want to offer. Additionally, you need to identify the number of access points required for optimal coverage. Let KatloTech Communications (KTC) handle the hard work for you.

Fiber Optic Networking

Fiber optic networking is rapidly replacing copper as the standard for ultra-high-speed data transfers. KatloTech Communications (KTC) can help design, build, and deploy your lightning-fast network, ensuring superior speed and reliability.


Fiber Optic Technicians

KatloTech Communications boasts the latest fusion splicer and testing equipment technologies, along with the technical expertise and best technicians for the deployment, repair, and testing of all single-mode and multi-mode fibers. We also offer comprehensive consultations to ensure your network needs are met with precision and excellence.

Security Camera's

We’re excited to help you secure your commercial property, small business, or home-based business with top-of-the-line security cameras. With extensive experience in countless deployments, we have the perfect security solutions to fit your budget and meet your needs. Let us bring peace of mind and protection to your business!


Storage Solutions

KatloTech Communications offers fully turnkey solutions for commercial backup and storage needs, ideal for clients requiring onsite servers, NAS, or other storage solutions. Our comprehensive, all-inclusive systems can be deployed anywhere and tailored to your specific requirements. Let KTC provide the ultimate backup and storage solution designed just for you.

Cell Booster

As a trusted reseller of top-brand cellular boosters, KatloTech offers a wide range of solutions to fit every customer’s needs and budget. Whether for commercial spaces, residential homes, or vehicles, our selection ensures you get the best signal enhancement available. Stay connected with confidence, knowing that KatloTech provides reliable and affordable options to improve your cellular reception wherever you are.

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IT Project Management

KatloTech specializes in the comprehensive design, planning, and implementation of your IT projects. We handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Let us manage the complexities, so you can enjoy the benefits of a successful and efficient project.

Website Development

Transform your online presence with KatloTech’s expert website development services. From initial concept to final launch, we create custom, user-friendly websites that engage your audience and drive results. Our team ensures your site is visually appealing, fully functional, and optimized for all devices. Let KatloTech build your digital foundation for success.


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