KatloTech Video is a cable-free localized video streaming service utilizing the latest wireless and robust hardware to bring your unlimited viewing of our content. If you have a challenging worksite location where internet access is not available or very limited we can bring you our service that does not require internet.

KatloTech Communications can provide services such as 3D printing. We are now focusing on new 3D printed innovations and ideas to expand broadband innovations. For instance, we are developing new ways to help indigenous communities 3D print their Wifi enclosures, or Fiber optic modular enclosures, with new PLA, ABS, and Nylon filaments. 3D printing gives us new ways to solve, communications needs through printing the solutions, rather than purchasing expensive required equipment.

Fiber Optic Technology
Fiber optic networking is replacing copper as the standard for extreme high speed data transfers. KTC can help design, build and deploy your extremely fast network where you get faster and better network dependability.

Fusion Splicing & Testing Equipment
Katlotech Communications has the latest fusion splicer and testing equipment technologies and technical skills for deployment, repair and testing of all single and multi-mode fibers.

Project Management
Katlotech can help in the design, planning, implementation of your next IT project! At the end of the day, we do all the heavy lifting, and you reap the benefits.

IT Networking
IT networking is vital to your growth and success of your business, it gives you the opportunity to interact with other professionals, learn and work with other clients, customers, let KTC assist in your potential.

Wireless Networking
When deploying your wireless network, you must first determine the number of clients, type of traffic on your network and the amount of throughput you want to offer, and finally the number of access points for best coverage needed, let KTC do the hard work for you.

Security Cameras

We are ready to help you with security camera installations for commercial, small business, or home-based businesses, we have the right security cameras to fit your budget.

Forest Fire Detection System (FFDS)
This year the fire growth prediction for the NWT, ENR stated that they need better data to predict behavioral analyses and modeling of forest fires. This independent wireless point-to-point system will enable them to better advise critical local teams on the ground.

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Micro Data Center
KTC can supply a fully turnkey commercial micro data center solution, which is stand alone all inclusive custom data center that can be deploy anywhere, for any customer designed to your specific needs.

Website Development
KTC can provide a cost effective solution to assist you in your next website development, we are capable in working in JavaScript, Ajax, Html, CSS, and WordPress. Please ask us to quote your next website development or upgrade.


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