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Explore KatloTech's successful IT solutions, from advanced networking to fiber optic installations. With many satisfied customers, our past projects showcase our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our Latest Endevour

KatloTech, in collaboration with Native Women of NWT, the University of Alberta, and Computers for Schools, is committed to distributing Starlink systems and laptops to low-income seniors and young Indigenous families throughout the NWT. We have accomplished 29 Starlink installations, providing training and certification to young Indigenous individuals hired locally, enabling them to become skilled Starlink installers. This program guarantees that underserved communities have internet access for educational purposes, remote learning, and entertainment, thus closing the divide created by costly, monopolized internet services that have been inaccessible to many in the NWT.


Super 8 Hotel Wi-Fi 6 Project

The hotel is equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 robust access points on each floor, offering guests the fastest available Wi-Fi speeds. Additionally, the firewall systems and guest portals have been upgraded to ensure they are compatible with all contemporary smart devices.


Quality Inn Yellowknife CCTV Upgrade

A new Cat6 network has been designed and installed to enhance a modern IP security CCTV system. This system facilitates monitoring throughout all floors and areas where cameras were previously not present. Furthermore, a new public view monitor is now in place at the lower mall entrance, with all functionalities available via a remote smartphone app.


Spruce bough Network Upgrade Project

Katlotech Communications has implemented a robust new Wi-Fi network for the Yellowknife Women’s Society at the Spruce Bough Transitional Housing. The installation features a secure internet access portal for all residents, along with cloud-based remote Wi-Fi management capabilities.


Bassett Petroleum Phone and Networking Project

Bassett needed their telephone system to work across various locations, which the local provider couldn’t deliver. Our team crafted a creative solution that connected the sites via a secure and strong VPN, enabling unified operations. We also set up a new Wi-Fi 6 network, firewalls, cloud management, and cabling infrastructure. Moreover, we implemented smart locks to control local employees’ access to critical zones in all facilities.


Aurora Crysler and Ford Startlink Installation

Katlotech received a request from Aurora Chrysler and Ford for redundant internet access following significant outages in the NWT. Starlink is emerging as a reliable solution for redundancy in the North, and this initiative has bolstered the connectivity for Aurora Ford and Chrysler in Yellowknife.


CDETNO Door Security Entrance Camera Project

Katlotech had previously outfitted a security camera system, and with CDETNO requiring additional surveillance for the main entrance of their career center, our contract involved supplying an augmented camera solution to bolster their existing CCTV network.


Giant Mine Wi-Fi Project

Katlotech was approached by Nahanni Construction to develop a new wireless solution for the Giant Mine Project, aimed at providing internet and phone access in workman trailers and ensuring site-wide internet connectivity.


Boreal Cultivation Wi-Fi Project

Katlotech was commissioned to develop a wireless solution that the local incumbent could not provide. They successfully established an extensive Wi-Fi network for Boreal Cultivation, which featured a 1 km wireless link to enable internet connectivity in a formerly isolated remote area.


Nahanni Construction Wi-Fi Project

Katlotech was once more approached by Nahanni Construction to facilitate internet access across multiple locations. We have successfully set up a new Wi-Fi point-to-point wireless network for Nahanni Construction, which has expanded their office network to include a remote site.


Rowes Construction Remote Highway Project

Satellite internet has been installed, complemented by the latest Katlotech video offline streaming service, which delivers outstanding video content via 5GHz Wi-Fi access points. This service caters to the Rowes Construction remote highway construction camp located on NWT Highway 2. The installation includes all switches, outdoor CAT6 cables, and Wi-Fi access points, covering the entire 20-person camp.


Lac La Ronge Indian Band Network Project

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band in Saskatchewan needed a fiber-optic link between two schools, which involved extending the current fiber connection. KatloTech Communications was contracted to provide training and to install an underground conduit, as well as to lay fiber optic cable between the two structures.


Copper Sky condo CCTV Project

Katlotech has successfully completed a collaborative project with Monitor North Inc., involving the design and installation of a new Cat6 network to support an advanced IP security CCTV system. This system features monitoring of all door access points and can be accessed remotely through a smartphone application.


Super8 Hotel Yellowknife Office Network Project

Katlotech upgraded the office network at the Super8 Hotel in Yellowknife. The outdated 15-year-old network, with its old, mismatched Cat5 cables, was replaced with modern Cat6 cabling, new faceplates, and a server rack to bring the system up to current standards.


2nd ATCO Fiber Optic Project

We were contracted for a second installation of a new security camera system at the Joint Task Force North hangar in Yellowknife, NWT. The installation included all switches, outdoor CAT6, fiber optic cabling systems, security cameras, Axis security DVR, a central control station, and monitors.


Jean Marie River Rebuild Project

The Jean Marie River First Nation endured a significant flood in the spring, and residents are currently accommodated in workman trailers. The GNWT has sought internet connectivity for the residents across these trailers. Katlotech has implemented the necessary access points, backhaul radios, and firewall networking systems to establish internet access.


Ph8 Studio Network Project

A new robust network was installed for Ph8 Studio in Yellowknife. This included a secure internet access portal for Ph8 customers and a backup server for the studio to safeguard critical workstation data.


CDETNO Career Center Network Project

We have successfully completed a comprehensive Cat6 network installation for the CDETNO New NWT Career Center situated in Diamond Plaza, Yellowknife, NT. The installation encompassed all cabling, faceplates, keystones, and switch networking solutions for every workstation, along with a new Wi-Fi configuration and security cameras.


ATCO Fiber Optic Project

Katlotech designed and installed a 1000-meter ADSS 32-strand single-mode fiber network cable with a capacity of 1Gbps for ATCO in Inuvik, NT. Also implemented localized PTZ security cameras that can be operated and monitored from three different locations.


Ravens Court Condo CCTV Project

Katlotech, in collaboration with Monitor North Inc., was contracted by Ravens Court Condos in Yellowknife to install an IP-based CCTV security camera system. Alongside the security cameras, Katlotech also set up a Wi-Fi network, enabling residents to monitor all entrances via a smart application.


Fraser Tower Office Network Project

Katlotech was enlisted to assist with an office upgrade, which included the installation of a new Cat6 network. The project, featuring a 6U server wall-mount rack, patch panels, and battery backups, was completed for the new office at Fraser Towers amid their transition to apartment rentals.


Super8 Hotel Recovery Network Project

A disastrous pipe burst caused extensive flooding in the hotel, damaging vital office phone systems, IT networking, and server systems. Katlotech carried out an extensive Cat6 overhaul of the network infrastructure, replaced the Wi-Fi access points, and conducted numerous in-room network repairs.


Jean Marie River First Nation Broadband Project

The Jean Marie River First Nation’s local administration office underwent a thorough network upgrade, covering both wired and wireless networks. Furthermore, a new, robust local server was installed to improve backups, redundancy, and remote access capabilities.


Explorer Hotel Expansion Project

New patch panels, faceplates, CAT6 wiring, and keystones were installed throughout the new section of the Explorer Hotel. Additionally, all RG6 cables and connectors for CCTV, as well as wireless networking junction access points, were installed and terminated to serve 72 new suites in the hotel situated in Yellowknife, NT.


City of Yellowknife Wi-Fi Project

The project involved installing City Wide Wi-Fi Access points, new patch panels, faceplates, Cat6 wiring, and keystones across various sections of the city’s water pump houses. Additionally, Cisco switches and UPS systems were installed at 14 locations throughout Yellowknife, NT.


Yellowknives Dene First Nation Wi-Fi Project

Katlotech was contracted to designed, constructed, and sourced all materials for a 1.3Gbps wireless backbone network, connecting the communities of Dettah and Niilo, which are 12 kilometers apart.


DeBeers Canada Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Project

In 2016, we played a key role in the design, material construction, and ultimate deployment of a fiber-optic infrastructure for the DeBeers Canada Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Project, situated 280km northeast of Yellowknife.


Giant Mine Underground Fiber Optic Network

Our contribution was crucial in designing, constructing materials, and implementing an underground fiber optic and wireless network, along with installing security cameras at the Giant Mine in Yellowknife, NT.


Katlodeeche First Nation Phase 2 Fiber Optic Project

Katlotech was contracted with the broadband initiative aimed to design and implement a local 1km fiber-optic network that would interconnect all community administrative buildings within a local network, complete with integrated servers.


Katlodeeche First Nation Phase 3 Fiber Project

The broadband initiative aimed to construct 12 kilometers of aerial fiber installation to enhance services within the community, as opposed to relying on the existing copper-based DSL.


Katlodeeche First Nation Phase 1 Wi-Fi Project

The broadband initiative aimed to establish a robust local wireless network that would link all community administrative buildings to a single centralized wireless network.

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