Broadband Innovations, Bridging the North Together

The Next Generation Fiber Optic Network with Global Reach and Local Impact

KatloTech Communications is planning to provide world-class, next-generation telecommunications solutions through the use of fiber optic & Modular Data Center technologies.

Our commitment is to provide broadband solutions that will support all business ventures, communities, governments in the Northwest Territories, and beyond. Our main goal is to innovate the North by Net Neutrality, with no limits, no caps, and no slowdowns through the use of fiber-optic network and Data Center technology.

We would like to bring cloud-based services, lower broadband rates, and enable competition that supports Northern Industry, Communities, Governments, and World Markets.


Project Summary

KatloTech Communications is aiming to build and deploy an Indigenous-owned next-generation fiber-optic network infrastructure connecting the Northwest Territories into Global Markets. This robust fiber-optic network will offer wholesale broadband access to providers, resellers and have the ability to host services such as the Internet, Cloud Services, IP telephone services, cellular and digital TV services.

Fiber Optic Network

We will offer a unique forum for leasing fiber optic backbone, data centers, and wireless networks for faster cost effect, and sustainable broadband access. Our project will provide environmentally small footprint data centers to open up economic opportunities in cloud-based services currently not available in Canada's North. This level of service will greatly exceed the current offerings of any other traditional Internet Service Providers (ISP) operating in Northern Canada.

The project entails the estimated total construction of a 1200 km fiber optic cable linking remote communities throughout Northern Alberta, BC, Yukon, NWT, and Alaska. KTC will invest in eight Networking Operating Centers (NOC) with attached environmentally friendly data centers to bring state-of-the-art transport and cloud-based services.

KatloTech Communications has done its due diligence and the return on investment is significant, as there are no other true wholesale broadband providers or cloud-based services operating in Canada's NWT. This compelling service model will generate revenues for the life of the infrastructure and create healthy competition in the North and potentially throughout Canada.

Data Center REIT

Katlotech’s opportunity is not only fiber-optic communications but launching Data Center Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is an income-producing opportunity by leasing rack space, cohosting services, leasing properties for placing clients data center plots. In addition, there are multiple secondary, tertiary markets with huge capital growth potential. Our data center is a 10,000sqft outdoor modular data center facility that will house North American big data information and cloud services in the North, and planning on expanding to multiple locations throughout our fiber-optic network in the North. Our goals are to build long-term revenue streams through data center technologies and our data center will be cooled 9 months out of the year with just ambient air, which in turn are huge savings.

Our northern data centers are also safe from natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and tornados. We have completed our 3D rendering concept of the outdoor facility, which is shared below. In addition, we are adding other technologies important to data centers such as a solar, battery, and varial speed generators, to give our data center the highest level Tier 3 standard. Tier 3 standard gives and evaluates the quality and reliability of our data centers server hosting ability. A Tier 3 data center is fault-tolerant, allowing for the occurrence of any unplanned activity while still maintaining operation, with uptime 99.982% (Tier 3 uptime).

The latest 3D rendering of our 10,000sqft outdoor modular data center with our solar panels, that will house local hosting and cloud services. Katlotech is planning to lease or sell data centers or lease plots for data centers to be located in the NWT.

3D rendering of our modular 40' shipping container data center, 12 rack design, estimated 144 servers

The latest 3D rendering of our modular Blackstone office space for our Network Operating Center.

Our conceptual 3D rendering of the entrance of the Blackstone Homes modular office space.

These are all 3D models of our data center project and share our concepts to give the public a view and understanding of our commitment to building data centers facility in Canada's Northwest Territories.

KatloTech has completed its feasibility & business plan and we are currently in the raising of investment capital to launch this amazing lucrative and innovative venture.

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